Thank you for checking out my company’s blog.

My name is Fabián, and I am a portrait and event photographer based in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. I started FRJ Photography in January of 2016, partly as a New Year’s resolution, but mainly fueled by a lifelong love and passion for the art of photography. My main goal with every shot is simply to capture life as it unfolds through the lens as honestly as I can, using bright colors and dramatic contrast.

This blog is one tool I am unveiling as an aide in fulfilling my goal. It will feature, among many things:

  • Highlights from specific photoshoot sessions and events
  • Mini-tutorials on the basics of photography, as well as links to other tutorials and videos from various photographers that I follow and admire
  • Links to articles of interest regarding photography gear (cameras, lenses, accessories, props, etc.)
  • Introspective posts where I share my personal experiences as a photographer
  • An occasional funny and/or embarrassing story. Because why not.

Regardless of the reasons why you decide to read my blog, I hope you find something in here that you can enjoy and learn from. Feel free to send me an e-mail message to frjpics@gmail.com with any suggestions for any posts or links you’d like featured in my blog, as well as to obtain information regarding current photoshoot session rates.

Thank you for your support.